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We have developed Navegante thinking in you, advanced and simple to use at the same time.

Check below some of the features that Navegante includes for you.

Amazing performance

All animations use the efficiency and speed of CSS3.
Javascript files smartly coded to boost performance.


Driven by jQuery as a dependency.
Navegante is compiled as a jQuery plugin.


Fully tested on devices like mobiles & tablets.
Responsive styles and functionality adapted to devices.


Combine the dark and light basic themes with the other 8 theme colors or directly use the color themes.

Pre-built animations

Navegante includes an extended list of pre-built CSS3 animations ready to use in your projects.


Choose between horizontal (default) and vertical orientations.
Needed styles and functionalities are ready to make it work.


Control the type of submenu panel you want to use.
Default panels, Mega panels (fullwidth) and individually controlled widths.
Assign individually options to each submenu!


Built-in tabs module included to use inside of your submenu panels.
Infinite nesting tabs levels.
Control mouse events triggers between hover and click (also prepared to correctly work in devices).

Full CSS Control

Navegante comes with a multiple CSS state classes to allow you to control every nav state


Make use of HTML data attributes to assign individually functionalities to each submenu.
Update events, positions, aniimations and much more!


Choose the submenus positions globally just setting an option or assign it individually to each submenu.
Multiple positions to choose: top, bottom, left, right, bottom-left, top-right...

Mouse/Touch events

Switch between click and hover events to trigger the submenus.
Turned into touch events when responsive.


Exported in Universal Module Definition.
You can easily import it in many ways:
AMD, CommonJS and Browser global (from window)


Comes with a lot of methods and properties to make it fully operative.


Built-in events bindings to listen to every important action.
Choose between jQuery events or Vanilla Javascript events.


Navegante is fully documented with explanations, code examples and interactive examples.


Navegante is completly written in ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) and compiled in Vanilla Javascript.


All styles are prepared using the SCSS preprocessor and compiled into splitted CSS files.
SCSS files are filled with variables to let you to customize it easily.

Light weight

Navegante compiled an minimized is about only 63kb !
Only 17kb gzipped!

... and much more!

Navigate through the docs to learn much more about Navegante.

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